Retirement Plans

A business retirement plan may provide a systematic way to secure the future for you, your employees and your business. The benefits of an employer-sponsored retirement program may often include increases in personal retirement savings, additional tax benefits for your business and positive effects on attracting and retaining top talent.

Why Stokes Benefit Solutions for your Retirement Plan Needs:

  • We are an independent firm with no obligation or alliance to any retirement plan provider. Because we do not offer a proprietary “in-house” 401(k) plan, we have no incentive to sell any specific product, but work with virtually all the different product and service providers in the 401(k) market. This allows us to fully customize your plan based on your needs, not ours.
  • Plan design consulting. A review of your current plan design is very important because plan design provisions can make a big difference in whether your plan meets your needs. These provisions address matching contribution formulas, cross-tested profit sharing allocations and qualification and eligibility issues. We will work closely with the provider’s administration experts to ensure that all available aspects of plan design are considered.
  • Ongoing plan reviews. This includes: discussing overall plan service, operation and results, such as participation levels, deferral percentages, loans, non-discrimination testing, enrollment and communication strategies, and any other items of relative importance; offering a performance analysis at least annually of investments utilized by the plan versus benchmarks; monitoring funds selected by the plan sponsor and providing regulatory updates such as information on legislative, Department of Labor and IRS matters of relevance to retirement plans.